Friday, October 29, 2010

Beyond the IEP

(Individualized Educational Program)


Cynthia Molina and Christine Zimmerman, mother-advocates for students with disabilities in Oakland's Programs for Exceptional Children talks with cohosts Eddie Ytuarte and Leah Gardner. What is it in the institutional culture that helps students succeed beyond the Independent Educational Program.

With a commentary by Shelley Berman on the upcoming elections.


Photo: Three young children face a teacher with her hands up, palms out.
Their faces reflect excitement, withdrawal & caution.
Courtesy Furman University Libraries, Special Education Resources.

Original air date: 10-29-10

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  1. This is a great contribution. The IEP has been long recognized by students, parents, advocates, many teachers and researchers as DOA. While its original intent was admirable it has truly been lost in translation. Our group has experienced the Alice in Wonderland ride in IEP appeals where the Department of Special Education in California simply flounders to defend a status quo with the circular logic of the Mad Hatter. Disability Culture can support individuals and there families out of this abyss! Dr. Robert Fettgather