Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sticks and Stones

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Shocking Statistics: Teenagers and middle aged people with disabilities suffer criminal violence twice as often as the able-bodied. Women are two time more likely to experience violence if they live with a disability. And, there is more. . .

Horrific Social Context:
People with disabilities
not served
well or at all
by domestic violence agencies.

Cover art by Carli Scales
Little or no attention to abuse and violence
by traditional disability
non-profit agencies.
Widespread perception of disability as a weakness,
dependency and
less-than-human condition.
Centuries of document
ed mistreatment.

Moving Past
Shock and Horror
Defiance and Resilience:
The stories from a new book,
Sticks and Stones

edited by Marsha Saxton,
lay out the problems and offer
to confront this
multi-pronged beast.

Editor, Marsha Saxton

CAPE: Curriculum on
Abuse Prevention and Empowerment

Hosted by

Adrienne Lauby and Leah Gardner.
original air date: Jan 15, 2010

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