Friday, October 29, 2010

Beyond the IEP

(Individualized Educational Program)


Cynthia Molina and Christine Zimmerman, mother-advocates for students with disabilities in Oakland's Programs for Exceptional Children talks with cohosts Eddie Ytuarte and Leah Gardner. What is it in the institutional culture that helps students succeed beyond the Independent Educational Program.

With a commentary by Shelley Berman on the upcoming elections.


Photo: Three young children face a teacher with her hands up, palms out.
Their faces reflect excitement, withdrawal & caution.
Courtesy Furman University Libraries, Special Education Resources.

Original air date: 10-29-10

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking the Ice

LISTEN 29 min

Photo of dancer, Gregory Jordan.
After hundreds of years of stigma and exclusion, people with cognitive disabilities are out and about in our communities. Many work at jobs with able-bodied co-workers and live independently, or in small group homes, in many neighborhoods.

We visit a class where people with limited speech are learning to choreograph and dance to Taiko drumming from a couple of grandmothers. Then, we talk to Josh Elwood, our sound engineer, who is both a client and board member of the non-profit, Clausen House.

Photo: Gregory J. poised with right arm up, finger pointing, toes turned out.

More guests: Gregory Jordan, Janis Danker, Christy Reed, Peter Brooks, &
Jessica Stiebenmorgen
from Clausen House.

Annie Ong of Heiwa Taiko Drums.
Eric Kupers & Mantra Plonsey of Dandelion Dancetheater.

Photo L to R. Josh Elwood, Adrienne Lauby (sound tech) Gregory Jordan.

Interviews by Josh Elwood, Shelley Berman & Adrienne Lauby.

Hosted by Raphaella Bennin.

Photos By Shelley Berman

Photo: Members of Hawa, Drumming

L. Vera Leo, Center, Annie Ong Class dancing as seen thro wall mirrors.

Watch the dancer's most recent performance: "Speed"