Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiti’s Disaster & Oakland’s Disaster Plan

Listen: 28 min

In a natural disaster like the Haitian earthquake, people with disabilities suffer the highest death rate. Moreover, for every person killed, three more are likely to become disabled.

We talk to Portlight Strategies, a grassroots group providing supplies and support for disabled Haitians.

Paul Timmons & friend with hospital beds

& other supplies ready to load.

We also talk to Karla Gilbride,

an attorney from

Disability Rights Advocates,

whose settlement* with the

City of Oakland brings

people with disabilities

firmly into Oakland's

planning for disasters.

What helps prevent death and injury to those who live

disability during an emergency? How can we support Haitian people with disabilities after an earthquake that killed two hundred thousand people?

Adrienne Lauby and Shelley Berman

pose the questions.

wheelchair with seat

repaired with a lawnchair

photo from:

DRA Logo

Local shoe drive for Haiti:

A shoe drive for Haiti is accepting new and “almost new” shoes for the next two months. Askanez will collect them at 1317 San Pablo, any evening except Monday. The HUP Foundation (with local help) will ship and distribute them.

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