Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disability Rights California

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Do non-profits operate
under too narrow
a charge?

Are they just plain
too conservative?

Catherine Blakemore

Eddie Ytuarte and Leah Gardner puts these questions to Catherine Blakemore, the executive director of one of the highest funded disability non-profits focused on California issues, Disability Rights California (DRC) -- It's also one of the most successful.


  1. Ms. Blakemore who heads DRC (once known as PAI) has a good history of handling high profile disability cases and providing great defense. Sadly this comes at the expense of DRC ignoring the rights of the majority of people with disabilities and even refusing to advocate for low profile yet egregious rights violations cases.

    DRC has even "defended" the rights of medically fragile persons to live in community care where their high demand medical needs go un met....people languish, become sick and even die.

    Having seen Ms. Blakemore defend one of her attorneys cited for negligence by the State Bar for refusing to advocate for a client in need, I asked whose side she was really on. She answered by burying our concerns.

    Thanks to KPFA for giving Ms. Blakemore a little exposure. She deserves a lot more!

    Robert Fettgather, Ph.D.

  2. Dear Doctor Fettgather,
    Thanks for posting this comment and also the one on the article/program "Beyond the IEP".

    We've moved our website. You can find these articles here -- as well as our more recent programs:

    In the meantime, I've passed both these comments on to our collective of producers, which included the producers & hosts of these two programs. I found them good food for thought.