Friday, January 29, 2010

For Better or Worse:

The National Health Care Bill

Listen 28 minutes

Will people with disabilities, seniors and low-income
folks benefit if the health care bill is passed?

After nine months of political wrangling and back door
deals, the US congress was set to put a universal national
system for health care insurance in place. Then,
Massachusetts’ voters sent a Republican to congress --
and everything changed.

As we linger in the morass
of Congressional
we talk with BOB KAFKA,
a national
organizer for the
grassroots disability organization,

He’ll tell us what to celebrate
if the bill is
and why we can be happy
if it is not.

With an essay by Shelley Berman.
Hosted by Adrienne Lauby and Ruthanne Shpiner.

Original air date: 1-29-10

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Listen (28 min)

Shocking Statistics: Teenagers and middle aged people with disabilities suffer criminal violence twice as often as the able-bodied. Women are two time more likely to experience violence if they live with a disability. And, there is more. . .

Horrific Social Context:
People with disabilities
not served
well or at all
by domestic violence agencies.

Cover art by Carli Scales
Little or no attention to abuse and violence
by traditional disability
non-profit agencies.
Widespread perception of disability as a weakness,
dependency and
less-than-human condition.
Centuries of document
ed mistreatment.

Moving Past
Shock and Horror
Defiance and Resilience:
The stories from a new book,
Sticks and Stones

edited by Marsha Saxton,
lay out the problems and offer
to confront this
multi-pronged beast.

Editor, Marsha Saxton

CAPE: Curriculum on
Abuse Prevention and Empowerment

Hosted by

Adrienne Lauby and Leah Gardner.
original air date: Jan 15, 2010