Monday, March 15, 2010


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One-handed big league pitcher, Jim Abbott,(1989-1999) joins us for a discussion of disability in professional baseball.

Also, current
Oakland A's stars Mark Ellis and
Eric Chavez talk about the reality of playing baseball with disabilities. A few managers take a swing at discussing disability on the field as well.

Grab a bag of peanuts. . .

Abbott photos
courtesy Jim Abbott

Leah Gardner &
Shelley Berman host.

(Our broadcast of excerpts from Blind Man's Bluff has been postponed due to producer illness. Watch for a new broadcast date soon.)
Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington talks to
A's 2nd baseman, Mark Ellis

Eric Chavez comes up to bat in Phoenix spring training. Notice his back, which has been a problem since high school and recently was the focus of two surgeries. Now, notice the photo of Eric Chavez coming in after another home run.

Spring training photos by Shelley Berman

Smell hot dogs on the wind,
feel the sun on your face in the bleachers and
know magic might be made
with the next pitch. . .

Original Air Date: March 12, 2010